“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Oscar Wilde







To be the market leader in the student placement industry and to understand and satisfy the needs of students – locally and globally. The foundation of our business philosophy is to render excellent services to our student community, our customers, shareholders and the government.



  • Employing a dedicated, caring and culturally diverse counselors whose are well informed  and are very experienced and excellent in engaging learning experiences that enable students to make a right choice of the course and who will flourish academically and personally.
  • Offering wide selection of courses that fulfills the needs of the international student community that address major dimensions of the arts, humanities, business, science and technology and encourage development of communication skills and critical thinking as well as cultural and social awareness.
  • Providing students with a wide choice of universities locally and internationally that are intellectually challenging and academically rigorous.
  • Fostering a collaborative and intellectually stimulating community that promotes academic freedom, mutual respect and integrity for its graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff; and working in partnership with local organizations and agencies active in the region and assisting in the development of socially and economically viable and sustainable communities.
  • Engaging state, national, and international communities to enhance educational, economic, and cultural development.
  • Providing extraordinary access to the universities  who create scholarship to advance knowledge, improve teaching, and transform learning.
  • Continuously seek and develop partnerships and collaborations with individuals, government, universities and industries to enhance quality education.