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How can StudentBiz help me find and get accepted to the right university for me?

We have helped students from around the world get accepted to Malaysian institutions through our personalized consultation and placement service. We help you make confident decisions and simplify the application process by providing a complete set of professional services that include:

  • Education planning and institution selection assistance from an experienced adviser who works directly with you.
  • Simple application with support and representation provided by your personal adviser.
  • Quick, guaranteed acceptance to recommended schools.
  • Visa application and travel planning support from our Regional Offices located near you.

After you have received your school acceptance letter and student visa, we can provide several post-arrival services like airport pick-up service, housing placement, academic/ cultural/ immigration advising, etc.

Does StudentBiz partner with high-ranking universities?

Yes. Most of our partner institutions have received national or regional rankings for the high quality of their education programs. Although an institutions’s ranking may be a good indication of the quality of its program, it is important to keep in mind that they are based on a number of subjective factors and change from year to year. Students should consider an institutions’s ranking just one of many factors when deciding which institution to apply to or attend.

How should I contact StudentBiz if I have questions?

StudentBiz is ready to answer all of your questions about studying in Malaysia and help make the process of choosing and getting accepted to the best institution an easy and worry-free process.


Please send your questions to our team of consultants at: info@studentbiz.com.my. One of our highly experienced consultants will quickly reply to your email and provide you with a personalized education and institution recommendations.

Does StudentBiz have any representative offices outside of the Malaysia?

StudentBiz provides direct planning and advising services through our Regional Offices. Our Regional Offices are located in most major cities throughout the world and are fully trained to provide you with information about all of our programs and services in your own language.

To find a StudentBiz Regional Office in your area, send an email to: info@studentbiz.com.my and provide your name, city and country location. One of our highly experienced consultants will then provide you with contact information for the nearest Regional Office in your area.

Can StudentBiz help me find housing and arrange to pick me up from the airport?

Yes. These services are a part of our services. Contact one of our Placement Advisor at: info@studentbiz.com.my for more info.

How can I apply for a student visa?

We can help you prepare your visa application and your visa interview. Contact us at: info@studentbiz.com.my for more info.

Can I work in Malaysia?

Student visa regulations restrict the type and amount of paid work that international students can do while they attend school in Malaysia. Generally, you will be limited to working only in on-campus jobs.

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